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White Pine Bath & Brew

Who We Are

White Pine Bath & Brew is proud to be a small business operating out of South Portland, Maine. We make high quality beer soap and other personal care products, all of which are designed to be vegan and palm oil free. As a dedicated member of the local community, we also choose to use exclusively local craft beers in our beer soap.


White Pine Bath & Brew beer soap is vegan, palm oil free, and created with local, craft beer. Our soap is all made through a hot process and is carefully crafted by hand using high-quality ingredients in small batches. Each bar of soap we produce is unique due to our use of real spice, essential oils, quality fragrance, and hand-cut technique.

What is Beer Soap?

Standard bar soap is typically made using water as one of the main ingredients in combination with some saponified type of fat source. Our beer soap recipes simply replace water with an equal amount of beer.

Why beer?

Believe it or not, beer is said to be beneficial for the skin because it contains brewers’ yeast and hops. The amino acids in hops can soothe irritated skin. The brewers’ yeast is loaded with riboflavin, pantothenic acid, biotin, and a number of other essential B vitamins. Thus both hops and brewers’ yeast can contribute to a more cleansing and nourishing bar of soap. Besides, isn’t everything better with a little beer?

Locally made

All White Pine Bath & Brew products are made by hand in South Portland, Maine. We love using local brews in our soap to support the community we are a part of. Breweries we commonly use in our soap include but are not limited to: Geary’s Brewing Co., Baxter Brewing Co., Barreled Souls Brewing, and Banded Brewing Co.

Hold up! Will beer soap make me smell like beer?

Nope! The scent for all White Pine Bath & Brew soap comes from the unique blend oils used in each recipe. Our soap-making process keeps our products from retaining the scent of the beer.

Is there alcohol in the soap?

Nope again! The process we use to make our beer soap begins with boiling the beer to remove the alcohol and carbonation. This prepares the beer to be combined with the rest of the ingredients to make you a perfect bar of soap!

Where Can I Learn More?

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