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Lovell Designs

Lovell Designs is the work of Maine artist Ken Kantro. He received degrees from the University of Maine and the State University of New York. For the past 40 years he has designed a popular collection of nature inspired jewelry and ornaments. Today Ken works out of his studio in Biddeford, Maine creating original designs in sterling, pewter & gold. He has received commissions from a large number of museums and institutions including the Art Institute of Chicago, The Winterthur Museum, Monticello and the National Holocaust Museum. He has won numerous awards & his work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution. “From the beginning, I have been inspired by the transformative power of art and the powerful process of creating jewelry and objects of beauty from the elements found in the earth. When silver, gold, and pewter are turned into molten states, they assume fluid properties which can be molded and shaped in ways limited only by one’s imagination and creativity.” “Accompanying this creative gift has been my deep, abiding love of nature. I have been blessed to find myself in Maine where I have discovered the beauty of its North Atlantic coastline and its mountainous inland wilderness. I hope my work is an adequate reflection of this extraordinary beauty.” Ken Kantro

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